The “Company” means Cotswold Marquees Ltd and their sub-contractors & agents. 
The “Hirer” means the person or person hiring from the company. 
“Equipment” means the marquees and any other hired item supplied by the company.

All marquees will be erected for the commencement of the event and where possible the Company will allow adequate time for preparation prior to events. However, if the marquee is required for more than one day the marquee should be hired as necessary and an additional fee will be charged.

Alterations to a booking must be given to the company as early as possible but no later than 14 working days prior to the delivery of equipment a 75% cancellation fee will be charged for hires cancelled less than 60 days prior to an event. If due notice is not given about changes of equipment & extra equipment delivery journeys are required, then an additional charge will be made.

All equipment ordered & delivered will be charged for.

The company will endeavour to view all sites before accepting a hire.

The hirer or hirer’s representative is required to be on site for the delivery of equipment to confirm the position of tentage. To avoid errors of siting equipment the customer is advised to mark out the required position of the tentage with poles or clearly visible markers. In the absence of markers or the hirer, the company will be forced to make a decision as to where to erect equipment.

The company, when invited, will discuss marquee size requirements and equipment for events. However, it is the hirer’s responsibility to order that which she/he considers best suits their event.

The Customer remains liable for any damage incurred.

The hirer will be responsible for the safe custody of the Company’s property whilst on site. Charges will be made to cover damage caused by individuals climbing on the roofs or tampering with ropes. Removal of equipment from the site will be effected as soon as possible but all equipment cannot be collected immediately after use from all sites.

Arrangements to use or install heating, electrical or open flame equipment in the marquee must be discussed with the Company prior to the hire.

Floor coverings must be left in a reasonably litter-free condition ready for collection. Charge will be made to clear undue mess.

The hire charges quoted for tables & chairs does not include erecting, dismantling and / or placing.

Preparing and making good of surfaces, grass or gravel remains the responsibility of the hirer. Additional labour charges will be made if the company has to remove equipment, mow lawns etc or wait while the ground is prepared to a suitable standard. The company has the right to refuse to erect the marquee if the site is deemed unsuitable i.e. muddy or too steep or ill prepared

It is the responsibility of the hirer to inform the Company of the exact position of any underground services. While we avoid clearly identified pipes, cables and underground services, we accept no responsibility for damage to services whose location was either unknown or the Company was not informed about.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that users of the equipment exercise adequate care to avoid injury. The Company will not accept responsibility for injury caused through irresponsible behaviour.

While the company does its utmost to erect marquees at an agreed time the company will not be held responsible for delays caused by adverse weather conditions eg. gale force winds. snow, storms etc.

Company terms of payment are full payment on delivery of equipment.

Invoices which are not paid as to the terms agreed will have a 5% surcharge levied. Invoices unpaid over 30 days will have 5% surcharge.

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